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I freed a thousand slaves and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

-Harriet Tubman

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Game Chaingers' Purpose is to Inform and Educate the Black community on issues that have been affected by the abandonment of core principles that are derived from the Bible and the Constitution. These Principles have contributed to America becoming the greatest nation in the world. We seek to achieve this by facilitating discussion regarding the impact of current political legislation, and how it impacts education, welfare.......
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These Principles have contributed to America becoming the greatest nation in the world. We seek to achieve this by facilitating discussion regarding

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Are Democrats Faking Outrage Over DACA? – Black Community News

Democrats are holding out for an extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program before voting on a federal budget. Americans who voted for President Donald Trump

Why 25 States Have Said “No” to the LGBT Lobby’s Top Priority

For years, LGBT activists have insisted that it is impossible to change so-called “sexual orientation.”  But now they are trying to make it illegal. Faced with the testimonies of

Where Were Liberals When Obama Said This About Libya? – Black Community News

BCN Editor January 17, 2018 National Allegiance - Videos, Videos Liberals are still fuming about President Donald Trump’s political incorrect comments

This is What Alveda King Said About Third-World ‘Hellhole’ Leaders – Black Community News

President Donald Trump made candid remarks about immigration from certain third world countries, some of which the U.S. State Department advises Americans to reconsider visiting. Naturally, liberals and others

About That Anti-Trump Book… – Black Community News

BCN Editor January 10, 2018 National Allegiance - Videos, Videos The left and other anti-Trumpers are loving that new anti-Trump book.

The Supreme Court Doesn’t Get the Final Say

Part 2 in a 4-part series called “Protecting Life & Ending Abortion” In the bleak of winter, on January 22, 1973, it looked like the issue of abortion had

Where’s Hollywood’s Apology for Donating to the Clintons While Ignoring Sex Abuse Allegations Against Them? – Black Community News

In President Donald Trump era, Hollywood has become more political and less entertaining, while Washington, D.C., has become more entertaining and less political. The theme of this year’s Golden

President Trump, Please Stay the Course – Black Community News

It would behoove President Trump to keep faith with his base and remain hardcore on his signature issue, immigration, both because it’s the right thing to do and because

Will Liberal Politicians Try to Tell Voters That Having More Money in Their Pockets Isn’t Good for Them? – Black Community News

BCN Editor January 12, 2018 National Allegiance - Videos, Videos Walmart announced this week that it will give employees a raise,

The Trump Administration Just Put Able-Bodied Medicaid Recipients on Notice – Black Community News

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will allow states to require certain Medicaid recipients to work or volunteer for benefits. According to The Hill, this is the

Time’s Up for ‘Temporary’ Alien Protection – Black Community News

Seventeen years after granting “temporary protected status” to nearly 200,000 Salvadoran citizens who had fled earthquakes in 2001 or who were already here illegally and claimed they were unable

A Federal Court Just Ruled That Baltimore Can’t Make Pregnancy Centers Do This – Black Community News

The city of Baltimore passed an ordinance to compel unlicensed pregnancy centers to post notices in English and Spanish that they don’t kill unborn babies or make referrals to

Saying Goodbye to a Man of Steel

By Autumn Leva, Vice President of Strategy In 2016, we shared with you the story of JJ Hanson, the “man of steel,” who served as President of one of

The Supreme Court Just Refused to Hear a Case Challenging This Mississippi Law That Protects Christians – Black Community News

The Mississippi legislature passed a bill that protects residents from government retaliation for refusing to accept homosexual “marriage” as valid, and for believing that sex should take place only

Unemployment Benefits Recipients Might Have to Start Doing This for Their Checks – Black Community News

Should states be allowed to drug-test a broader category of job seekers who receive unemployment benefits? The previous administration enacted a rule that limited states’ ability to drug-test people

Why American Protesters Have it Good – Black Community News

Any time I hear of protests by citizens of nations controlled by despots, I’m reminded of how great we have it here in America, despite arguments to the contrary.

45 Years Since Roe v. Wade

Part 1 in a 4-part series called “Protecting Life & Ending Abortion” By Stephanie Curry, Policy Manager “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created

Court Upholds Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran’s Termination But Strikes Down This Government Policy – Black Community News

A court ruled against former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran, a Christian who self-published a book in which he criticized homosexuality and other sins, but also ruled against the

BOOM! Deneen Borelli Calls Out Former Obama Administration On Its Failed Iranian Policy – Black Community News

President Donald Trump expressed support for protesters in Iran. “Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great

This is What Will Help ‘Racial Reconciliation’ – Black Community News

During an appearance on MSNBC, Ken Blackwell, former Trump transition team member, defended the president after the two other panelists called him a racist and a bigot. According to

This is What’s Dangerous About Government Control – Black Community News

Federal Reserve Board, D.C.We are a nation of 325 million people. We have a bit of control over the behavior of our 535 elected representatives in Congress, the president

Why is Maxine Waters Silent on The Terrorist Drug-Dealing Probe That Obama Shut Down? – Black Community News

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., once falsely accused President Ronald Reagan’s CIA of all but causing urban cocaine dealing in the ’80s. She claimed that Reagan, by working with Nicaraguan

Trump Gets Real About the U.N. – Black Community News

Following the U.N. General Assembly vote condemning the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and Ambassador Nikki Haley’s bold speech to that body following the

TEXAS: U.S. Supreme Court Rejects the City of Houston’s Request to Review Same-Sex Benefits Case

Family Policy Alliance is proud to work alongside Texas Values, one of our 40 state-based allies. In the only case of its kind, and in a major victory for

Why Two New Federal Judges Should Be an Encouragement to All Families…and Pro-Family Lawmakers

Neil Gorsuch isn’t the only conservative legal thinker who has been appointed to a judicial bench during the new administration.  So far this year, 19 federal judges have been

Take Action: Stop the Last-Minute Abortion Funding Deal in Congress

Congress will likely decide this week whether to allow taxpayer funding for abortion in Obamacare, and your voice is needed to urge your senators and representative to vote against

Rep. John Lewis is Wrong — THIS is the Real Insult to Civil Rights – Black Community News

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows yet another perspective on the deep racial division in our country. According to the poll, 86 percent of blacks compared to 50 percent

A Breath of Fresh Air After Years of Obama Scandals – Black Community News

A year ago the Department of Justice was finishing up eight long years of a scandal-plagued term under Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, as President Obama’s political

David Limbaugh’s Message for Those Who Say He and Other Conservatives Have Sold Out to ‘Trumpism’ – Black Community News

I am probably too exercised over the never-Trump faction, because in the end, it’s doubtful it is strong enough numerically to make a significant impact on our electoral politics,

Transgender Facts That Shocked This Blue State Crowd!

  A few weeks ago, Family Policy Alliance was proud to partner with state ally Cornerstone Action of New Hampshire in hosting a Legislative Briefing and Gender Identity Forum

Four Reasons Trump is Seeing GDP Growth Obama Didn’t – Black Community News

If it’s true that President Obama’s economy was anemic because he “inherited the worst recession since World War II” from former President George W Bush, the so-called “Great Recession,”

Trump’s ‘Abysmal’ Poll Numbers? What About Those of Merkel, Macron, May and Trudeau? – Black Community News

About a year into President Donald Trump’s first term, the jury for much of the country and for most of the major media has returned its verdict: Trump is

Did Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Prove that Iran Violated U.N.Resolutions? – Black Community News

The United States provided proof of Iran’s United Nations violations in its ballistic missile program, displaying a rocket that Iran provided to Houthi rebels that was fired on Saudi

Protecting What God Designed – Family Policy Alliance

By Stephanie Curry, Policy Manager He created them male and female and blessed them. Genesis 5:2 (NIV) First Woman Mayor! Julie Lemieux elected “only female mayor in Tres-Saint-Redempteur’s 137

This is What Political Bias is Doing to the FBI’s Reputation – Black Community News

BCN Editor December 15, 2017 National Allegiance - Videos, Videos Neil Cavuto asked Ken Blackwell, former Trump transition team member, about

What Liberal Doug Jones Will Have to Do if He Wants to Represent the Interests of Conservative Alabama – Black Community News

So what about that loss in Alabama? Those voters sent a liberal to the U.S. Senate for the first time in 26 years. Doug Jones defeated former Alabama Supreme

Rep. John Lewis Won’t Like What This Conservative Said About Him – Black Community News

BCN Editor December 13, 2017 National Allegiance - Videos, Videos Rep. John Lewis and other black liberals decided to boycott the

When Leaders Misbehave… – Family Policy Alliance

When leaders misbehave, what should be the role for followers of Christ? We believe that it’s time for Believers to do more as salt and light in our culture,

How Abortion is Like Slavery – Black Community News

Star Parker December 12, 2017 Free Markets - Videos, Limited Government - Videos, National Allegiance - Videos, Traditional Values - Videos, Videos

Gearing Up for a Major Fight for Freedom in 2018 – Black Community News

I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I received an Impact Award from a powerful conservative voice in our country: Ginni Thomas, who I also count as my friend. With Sean

Sorry, ACLU — Gay is Not the New Black – Black Community News

No matter how many times the leftist ACLU wants to compare LGBT activism to the blood-bought civil rights of black Americans, there is no comparison. Gay is not the new black.

Victory! Huge Outcry Stops Dangerous Attack in Blue State

Nicole Theis, Family Policy Alliance’s allied leader in Delaware, delivers petitions to the Governor and Department of Education.Last month, we told you about a push by the Delaware Department

Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution — A Few of Star Parker’s Favorite Things – Black Community News

BCN Editor December 8, 2017 Free Markets - Videos, Limited Government - Videos, National Allegiance - Videos, Traditional Values - Videos, Videos

Even the NAACP Demands Election Clean-Up in Alabama – Black Community News

Amazing, but true. The NAACP is concerned about vote fraud. As a result, the venerable civil rights organization is demanding an election investigation. Voting rolls need to be purged.

When Rich People Spend Money, Poor People Make Money – Black Community News

Star Parker December 7, 2017 National Allegiance - Videos, Videos This morning I debated immigration and tax reform on Fox News. I stood

Top 3 Reasons Why a Cake Artist Is in Court…And Why It Matters to You

  Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom By Autumn Leva, Director of Policy & Communications Jack is a small business owner from Colorado. He’s a cake artist who has

U.S. to Move Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – Black Community News

Then the word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith. –

Will the Supreme Court Protect a Christian Baker’s Religious Freedom? – Black Community News

Jack Phillips, the Christian baker sued for declining to bake a “wedding” cake for homosexuals, although he offered to sell them a cake already made, was in court on

If the U.S. Does This, It Will Destroy the Middle East Peace Process – Black Community News

The Palestinian Authority (PA) warned the United States against recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, claiming it “destroys” the peace process. PA president Mahmoud Abbas sent a delegation to Washington

Adopting Maria Pearl – Family Policy Alliance

It is still National Adoption Month. As we come to the close of November, we wanted to share with you one last story of how this amazing process blesses

Leftist, Taxpayer-Funded NPR And PBS, The Biggest Sexual Harassment Hypocrites – Black Community News

The swift revolution against sexual harassment is ending the careers of a series of media “icons,” left and right. But perhaps nowhere is this hypocrisy more notable (and deeper)

Al Sharpton, of the Tawana Brawley Hoax, Has Spent Years Misguiding Black Americans – Black Community News

Deneen Borelli of the Conservative Review had some good things to say about actor Denzel Washington. Al Sharpton, on the other hand… She said the race-hustling Sharpton has spent

Economic Growth…and World’s Only Super Power? – Black Community News

BCN Editor December 1, 2017 Free Markets - Videos, Limited Government - Videos, Videos Former Trump transition team member Ken Blackwell

The Last ‘Stoplight’ – Family Policy Alliance

No, really. After a decade of producing his popular video commentaries, we’re sad to share that our colleague, Stuart Shepard, is moving on. We asked if he would do

I Was Stopped By a White Cop — And Lived – Black Community News

I don’t buy the notion that most cops are out hunting down unarmed black males. Their job requires them to confront and arrest criminals wherever they find them. Chances

Spokane Public Schools Reject Planned Parenthood’s Sex-Ed Program for Middle School Children – Black Community News

In a Washington county that went to Donald Trump in the presidential election, a school district recently blocked Planned Parenthood from teaching “sex ed” in middle schools. The Human

Denzel Washington Shares Some Common Sense About Blacks and Prison — Liberals Won’t Like It – Black Community News

Every now and then, something good comes out of Hollywood. Actor Denzel Washington spoke some common sense but hard truths about blacks and prison. Over 70 percent of black

A Veteran and Mother Said These Issues Are More Important Than ‘Police Brutality’ – Black Community News

Kathy Barnette, who served for 10 years in the U.S. Armed Forces, talked about issues more pressing among blacks than “police brutality,” or whatever NFL players are protesting. Barnette

After Tax Reform, Trump Wants to Reform This – Black Community News

The 1996 welfare reform law required that some recipients of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program work or prepare to work for their benefits. The Obama administration weakened

Don’t Let Your Sons and Daughters Fall Victim to the College ‘Diversity’ Hustle – Black Community News

A common feature of our time is the extent to which many in our nation have become preoccupied with diversity. But true diversity obsession, almost a mania, is found

Here’s How Congress Can Stop Outlaw Employers from Hiring Illegal Aliens – Black Community News

The recent passage of mandatory E-Verify by the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee brings us one step closer to ending the root cause of most illegal immigration into

A Political Event without Precedent – Black Community News

Conservative leaders are sounding the alarm in Washington, reminding Congress what the 2016 election meant. And that the clock is ticking. A group of 44 conservative leaders have sent

This Religious Group Has Gone Back to Court to Fight the Obamacare Contraception Mandate – Black Community News

If Congress repealed Obamacare, there would be no contraception mandate. If there were no contraception mandate, religious organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor wouldn’t have to go back

Harvard Discriminates Against Asian Students — And This is What the DOJ is Doing About It – Black Community News

Colleges and universities across the country — state-supported and private — lower admissions standards for certain minority groups in the name of “diversity.” Racial preferences, euphemistically called “affirmative action,”

Adoption Gave Me My Brother

The Appling family with both adopted children, Julaine and Jack  Family Policy Alliance is proud to partner with Julaine Appling, president of our state-based ally Wisconsin Family Council. November

Consider it pure joy… – Family Policy Alliance

Has everything gone your way in 2017? No anxiousness over family? Your finances? Your health?  No conflict in your church or amongst friends?  No concerns about what your grandchildren

We Are Thankful for Our Veterans!

  Family Policy Alliance’s President & CEO Paul Weber (right) with his wife Lois, daughter Molly Grace, and son Gunnar who served in the Air Force.Family Policy Alliance and

Iowa: The Church’s Rightful Relationship to Government

by Greg Baker, The Family Leader Family Policy Alliance is proud to be allied with The Family Leader of Iowa. Throughout history there has been a debate over the

Impressive Museum of the Bible Opening in Washington, D.C.

by Stuart Shepard, Executive Producer Just two blocks off the National Mall, within walking distance of the U.S. Capitol and the sprawling Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of the Bible

Adoption: A Reflection of God’s Love for Us

In honor of National Adoption Month, Family Policy Alliance President Paul Weber, along with his wife Lois and their daughter Molly share how it has touched each of their

A ‘Jersey’ Juxtaposition – Family Policy Alliance

by Paul Weber, President & CEO What last week’s elections tell us about what’s ahead for 2018 Full disclosure: I grew up in Jersey. And while it breaks my

Christian Conservatives Impacting a Blue State | Family Policy Briefing

For values voters to succeed in a Blue State, they must have patience, persistence and the ability to find agreement on specific issues with lawmakers who may disagree with

Your State’s Education Department – Do You Know What’s Going On?

“There is no way that my state would threaten my daughter’s safety by allowing boys in her bathroom.” Many parents in Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota probably

The Adoption Tax Credit – Restored!

Family Policy Alliance’s Director of Policy & Communication, Autumn Leva, wants to thank you for helping convince Congress of how important the adoption tax credit is for children who

Education Choice for Families and a Wide Open Future for Their Kids

by Brittany Jones, policy manager and an attorney When I was growing up my parents simply wanted to know that I would make it to adulthood with the skills,

A Tale of Two Businesses

by Julie Lynde, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho Do we have an inalienable right to not be offended? I have spent many years in Idaho working for First Amendment

Eli’s Story | Unleashing Citizenship

Eli had been old enough to vote for several years, but because he felt unsure about the issues and candidates, he never registered or took part in elections. But

Was That You? | Stoplight

The Trump Administration proposed that life begins at conception. The opposition quickly declared that’s not a scientific statement, but a matter of belief. In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard

Rep. Jim Banks: ‘An Unborn Child is Able to Feel Pain as Early as 20 Weeks’ | Video

Pro-life members of the House offered clear, medically sound insights into why elective abortions should be ended after a pre-born baby reaches 20 weeks. Jim Banks is a U.S.

Surprisingly Good News Comes Out of Washington | Family Policy Briefing

After eight years of mostly bad news for pro-family values coming out of Washington, we’ve been hearing a lot of surprisingly good news in just the past week. Autumn

Our Allies Tour the White House

A group of our state allies got together for a tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, today. From left to right: John Helmberger, Minnesota Family Council; Eric Corcoran, Palmetto Family

Let Parents Parent: My Child. My Decision.

by Stephanie Curry If your child has a terminal illness and stops breathing in a hospital, should a doctor have the right to refuse to administer CPR against the

Freedom is What America Looks Like | Stoplight

We’re seeing a refreshing reaffirmation of the importance of faith in American life. Specifically, a directive for government to let people of faith live their lives. In his Stoplight®

There is a certain class of race problem-solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.

-Booker T. Washington

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