Game Chaingers

Breaking the Mental Chains of Progressivism


Game Chaingers’ Purpose is to Inform and Educate the Black community on issues that have been affected by the abandonment of core principles that are derived from the Bible and the Constitution. These Principles have contributed to America becoming the greatest nation in the world. We seek to achieve this by facilitating discussion regarding the impact of current political legislation, and how it impacts education, welfare, business, and the church in our communities. We offer constructive self-empowering alternatives for the black community as opposed to the failed and demeaning policies of Progressivism. We place an emphasis on Liberty, and educating the minority community about the values and ideals that have enabled us to progress as a nation. Game Chaingers believes that when we follow the values of God’s Kingdom Agenda, individuals, families, churches, and our country will thrive.

Whatever your station in life, try to stay away from the bottom level. If there's a crash, and you're somewhere in the middle, you have a fighting chance. If you're at the bottom, you won't fall far, but you'll likely get crushed.

- Eugene Ralph


These are the founding adjectives we built our organization on.


To promote and develop a greater awareness of America’s Judaeo-Christian heritage, and how important this heritage has been to the advancement of the Black community.


To educate from a Historical perspective the influence of Christianity in the Black Community.


To encourage the application of Judeo-Christian ethics in Black community life


To Educate the Black community of our Unalienable Rights and Liberties in all areas of life.


To promote awareness in the Black community regarding the values that are often in contradiction to the values of the politicians that they elect to represent them.


To develop a greater awareness regarding the relevance of conservative values to success within the Black community.

A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.

- Martin Luther King Jr.