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Breaking the Mental Chains of Progressivism

Educational Videos

To grasp the challenges that we face, it is important to have a good resource of information. The following videos were chosen for their relevance to the issues of our greatest concern. As well as to understand the context and the agendas of those who make the case for their arguments.

The Abortion Agenda

Fred Hammond; My Mother Aborted Me

Can I Live? - Nick Cannon and Tatiana Ali

The Number 1 Killer in the Black Community?

Black Founding Fathers

The instrumental role of AFRICAN-AMERICANS in the founding of the United States.

America's Black Founding Fathers - Part Two

America's Black Founding Fathers - Part Three

The Homosexual Agenda


Homosexuality in the Black Community

John MacArthur -Takes on the Mayor of Los Angeles

The Homosexual Agenda and Your Kids

Understanding the Homosexual Agenda

What Same-Sex Marriage has done to Massachusetts

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