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This is What Will Help ‘Racial Reconciliation’ – Black Community News

During an appearance on MSNBC, Ken Blackwell, former Trump transition team member, defended the president after the two other panelists called him a racist and a bigot.

According to one of the guests, President Donald Trump is a racist because he wants to stop Muslim terrorists from blowing up Americans on their own soil and prevent foreigners from flooding across the porous southern border.

In response, Blackwell noted that the former president, biracial, failed to move the country beyond race, and he used race to divide and conquer. “It worked for him.” Blackwell added that a growing economy puts us in a better position to tackle racial problems. That’s what we should focus on now.

Unmoved, the other guest said the president campaigned as a bigot and governs as a bigot.

Listen to Blackwell’s response:

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