Game Chaingers

Breaking the Mental Chains of Progressivism

why we need your help

Because a better life and we need your hand

We often see things happening in and around the Black Community that we disagree with, but feel helpless to do anything about.
At other times, we notice trends developing in Black Culture that defies common sense. We realize that the end result will only perpetuate the problems that currently exist, but yet again, we feel helpless. Often we feel this way because it seems that we are the only one thinking these thoughts. You may have even questioned your own thoughts and ideas, wondering if you are missing something.

Depending on your age, your parents likely put a lot of emphasis on the importance of using "Common Sense". Unfortunately, the world seems to grow more devoid of common sense each day. We want you to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are others within the Black community that also get it, and we ask that you join us as we work to address the destructive mindset that is so prevalent in our community.

We are the GAME CHAINGERS. We are working to Break the Mental Chains of Progressivism with Information, Education, and Activation.
Information - Taking what is heard in the media, and bringing the information into full context.
Education - Learning History, and getting a greater understanding of the History that is already known.
Activation - The hopeful outcome - Once knowledge is gained, it will be shared.

More that a century ago, Black Americans where enslaved with literal chains. Today, many Black Americans are enslaved by Mental Chains because of bad information and lies told to us by those that we, for many years, have trusted. No one can really help our community except us. It is to our advantage to educate ourselves with fact based information that is rooted in Absolute Truth. Only then can one truly experience freedom.

Join us as we work to positively impact the Mindset within our communities.



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